Emergency Closing

Hello KSWOP Crew,

We have to cancel classes tonight due to the icy condition; my plow guy said he would be here by 1:00 pm, but he’s still a no show. I went out and bought ice melt and put it down, but doesn’t seem to be working fast enough. To be safe, I believe it’s the best thing to do.


Classes will resume their normal schedule tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding,

Master Ben Mitchell

Super Seminar and Heart of Illinois Tournament!

Hello KSWOP Crew, 

WOW….here we are in JUNE already – less than 2 weeks until Grand Master Suh and the Executive Masters arrive. Super Seminar Form and HOI(Heart of Illinois) Intramural Tournament entry forms are available at the school of via email. June Calendar is up on the website.  Please have your Super Seminar Forms turned into me by the June 15th!


Black Belt testing is June 16th at 530p (spectators – uniform not required)

Super Seminar is June 17th at 530p-800p, uniform is required.(MANDATORY)

Black Belt promotion and group picture will be at 800p.


On July 30th, we will be hosting our 1st HOI Tournament, here in Peoria! We have pre-registration, so forms need to be back to me by July 7th. You will still be able to register after the 7th or at the door, however there will be a late registration fee. Let’s make our 1st tournament a huge success, with your participation. I will also be asking for volunteers to help with the tournament, concessions and whatever. If you know now that you will be available to volunteer, please send me your name, so we can start organizing our needs now.


Thank you for your support,

Master Ben Mitchell

Happy Holidays!!!

Hello KSWOP Crew,
Here we are….DECEMBER….attached is the Dec. Calendar, please note that we are having a special event on
Dec.12th, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we will have anOPEN HOUSE AND SELF-DEFENSE/AWARENESS WORKSHOP, we will have two sessions 10a-12noon and 1p-3p(cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-members), please invite your friends and family to come and participate, there will be door prizes and drawings (must be present to win). Master Ben will be on WMBD-TV on DEC.9th at 630am,Check it out!!
Being that Dec. Is a short month for us, all students get unlimited classes for Dec and Jan., yes that’s right UNLIMITED CLASSES, however White belts and yellow belts can not attend Advance classes and kids under 12 can not attend Adult classes.
Anyone considering Martial Arts classes or equipment as a gift, we have some great deals. If you or your child is a Yellow Belt and above, you are required to purchase your sparring gear, we have the complete set with embroidered gym bag for $170.00(savings $35.00), I will be placing orders on the following dates: 2nd, 9th, 16th and 19th.
Our color belts and Black Belts will be testing together on Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, at 530p.
We will have our last gathering of the year on Dec. 23rd, with our Potluck/DodgeBall tournament, etc. Please bring finger food/snack food to share.
We will be closed from Dec. 24th until classes resume on Jan. 4th, 2016. During our shut down, our students are welcome to attend classes at Kuk Sool Won of Pekin, please check out their website or call for class time.
I also want explain that the back wieght/workout room, is for students and/or Parents that have signed up to use the room. The cost for parents of students is $20.00 per month. Also that room is not a play room, please do not allow children be in that room. The parents lounge is where children and parents wait, Thank You .
Also Annual membership fees are due no later then Jan. 15th, Annual Membership fee is $20.00 per Student.
I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A MERRY NEW YEARS, If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Master Ben Mitchell

2302 W. Glen Ave.
        Peoria, IL 61614
FB- Kuk Sool Won of Peoria

T-Shirts and Hoodies!

Hello Everyone!front

Tee’s and hoodies are ready for pre-order! I have some T-shirts that I already had printed to check the design. (They are first come first served.)

backPrint the order form below for hoodies and/or tees (if I don’t have your size here). I will be sending the orders in on October 30th, so please have your form and payment to me no later than that date.


August/back to school!

Hello KSWOP Crew,KJN Ben - Owner of KSW of Peoria

School is just around the corner, what a summer.August calendar will be up shortly, and has been emailed to students and parents. Please note immediately NO MORE MORNING CLASSES ON MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS AND THE 8AM CLASS ON SATURDAYS ARE CANCELLED (just not enough interest ), WE WILL STILL HAVE THE 9AM & 10AM CLASSES ON SATURDAYS.

Our next school event is the Harrison & Dorris Open Martial Arts Tournament, August 9th in Peoria. See this link for details or talk to your instructors (see below) this is not a KSW mandatory event, but I do encourage you to go and participate (all ages and all ranks) or at least go to spectate. I will be competing at this tournament in Forms, Weapons and Breaking. So come out compete and/or spectate and be my cheering section.

I should have our New KSWOP Tee shirt design done this week and order forms will be soon to follow.

Testing this month will be on the 28th at 5:30 pm. No holidays this month, so we have a full month of KSW classes “YAHEE”, I look forward to seeing you in class.

Thank you for your continued support,


Master Ben Mitchell.




May newsletter

Hello KSWOP Crew,

May is here….. To recap the St. Louis tournament, Kuk Sool Won of Peoria ended up with 12 gold medals(1st), 18 silver medals(2nd), 10 Bronzes(3rd) and 20 copper(4th) and we finished 4th in school standings (next year 3rd is my goal). Facebook has more details and photos. I want to thank our students for the spirit and your participation, and our wonderful parents for your help and patients.

The last day of school for Dist.150 is May 29th, we will begin our summer hours on 8th, we will add morning classes on Mondays and Wednesday at 10am-11am.

Grand Master Suh (Kuk Sa Nim) will be at our school for Black Belt testing and Super Seminar on June 11th ( Black Belt testing 530pm-invited to ) and 12th (Super Seminar-Mandatory 530pm). Super Seminar registration forms are available at the school, via email, or you can also get the registration form from the WKSA website (www.kuksoolwon.com). There will be a sign-up poster at the school. We have one student that will be promoting to Black Belt after seminar on Friday.

We will have our 20th Year Anniversary and Potluck on Sunday June 14th, at Bradley park 9a-12noon (if it rains we will have it at the school). I grill Hot dogs and Hamburgers and the students bring a side, we will have a poster to put what you are bringing, so we will have a variety of choices. We will play kick soccer, play the Bag game as well as a variety of other games.

We will be participating in the West Peoria 4th of July parade.

We will also begin hosting and inter school tournament( Peoria, Pekin, Galesburg, Knoxville and Bettendorf), this tournament will be mid to end of September (more details to come).

Thank you for your continued support,
Master Ben Mitchell


Hello KSWOP Crew,
It is March already, with the St. Louis tournament just around the corner, please go to the World Kuk Sool Association website to get and entry form to participate in this tournament, REMEMBER THIS IS A MANDIDTORY EVENT , please have your entry form turned in to me with payment, no later then April 10th, after that you will be responsible for sending your registration form to HQ(Head Quarters) and risk a late registration fee or you can register at the door and pay a late fee as well. We are martial artist, let have the Martial Spirit and plan ahead and participate in this tournament, PREPARATION IS KEY, This month(March) we will be working on tournament prep, on the Red Days marked on the calendar, on red days Mondays and Tuesdays we will work on forms and weapons, on Red Days Wednesdays and Thursdays we will work on Sparring and Techniques, so bring your appropriate equipment on those days(boy and men don’t forget your mouth pieces and cups), on Fridays OPEN class we will work on what ever you feel you need more work on.
I am very excited to get you all prepared to show St.Louis and Kuk Sa Nim, how Kuk Sool Won of Peoria represents.
Thank you for your continued support,
Master Ben Mitchell

Winter weather

Hello KSWOP Crew,

Classes are cancelled for Wednesday, 1/7/15. Now that we are in actual winter weather, here are some guidelines dealing with increment weather. As a rule of thumb, if school district 150 closes school or ends school early due to weather, then we cancel classes as well. On channel 25 or WEEK-TV, at the bottom of the screen their will be news crawls, look for Dist. 150 closure’s and usually they post Kuk Sool Won of Peoria closures, but not as fast as Dist. 150 closures. We will also post on our FaceBook page and our Website: www.kswofpeoria.net. The great thing about our open schedule, is that classes can be made up within time frame of your agreement.

Stay warm and even though we don’t have classes….Practice, Practice, Practice,
Master Ben Mitchell