Hello KSWOP Crew,
It is March already, with the St. Louis tournament just around the corner, please go to the World Kuk Sool Association website to get and entry form to participate in this tournament, REMEMBER THIS IS A MANDIDTORY EVENT , please have your entry form turned in to me with payment, no later then April 10th, after that you will be responsible for sending your registration form to HQ(Head Quarters) and risk a late registration fee or you can register at the door and pay a late fee as well. We are martial artist, let have the Martial Spirit and plan ahead and participate in this tournament, PREPARATION IS KEY, This month(March) we will be working on tournament prep, on the Red Days marked on the calendar, on red days Mondays and Tuesdays we will work on forms and weapons, on Red Days Wednesdays and Thursdays we will work on Sparring and Techniques, so bring your appropriate equipment on those days(boy and men don’t forget your mouth pieces and cups), on Fridays OPEN class we will work on what ever you feel you need more work on.
I am very excited to get you all prepared to show St.Louis and Kuk Sa Nim, how Kuk Sool Won of Peoria represents.
Thank you for your continued support,
Master Ben Mitchell
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