Hello KSWOP Crew,

May is here….. To recap the St. Louis tournament, Kuk Sool Won of Peoria ended up with 12 gold medals(1st), 18 silver medals(2nd), 10 Bronzes(3rd) and 20 copper(4th) and we finished 4th in school standings (next year 3rd is my goal). Facebook has more details and photos. I want to thank our students for the spirit and your participation, and our wonderful parents for your help and patients.

The last day of school for Dist.150 is May 29th, we will begin our summer hours on 8th, we will add morning classes on Mondays and Wednesday at 10am-11am.

Grand Master Suh (Kuk Sa Nim) will be at our school for Black Belt testing and Super Seminar on June 11th ( Black Belt testing 530pm-invited to ) and 12th (Super Seminar-Mandatory 530pm). Super Seminar registration forms are available at the school, via email, or you can also get the registration form from the WKSA website (www.kuksoolwon.com). There will be a sign-up poster at the school. We have one student that will be promoting to Black Belt after seminar on Friday.

We will have our 20th Year Anniversary and Potluck on Sunday June 14th, at Bradley park 9a-12noon (if it rains we will have it at the school). I grill Hot dogs and Hamburgers and the students bring a side, we will have a poster to put what you are bringing, so we will have a variety of choices. We will play kick soccer, play the Bag game as well as a variety of other games.

We will be participating in the West Peoria 4th of July parade.

We will also begin hosting and inter school tournament( Peoria, Pekin, Galesburg, Knoxville and Bettendorf), this tournament will be mid to end of September (more details to come).

Thank you for your continued support,
Master Ben Mitchell

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