Hello KSWOP Crew, 

WOW….here we are in JUNE already – less than 2 weeks until Grand Master Suh and the Executive Masters arrive. Super Seminar Form and HOI(Heart of Illinois) Intramural Tournament entry forms are available at the school of via email. June Calendar is up on the website.  Please have your Super Seminar Forms turned into me by the June 15th!


Black Belt testing is June 16th at 530p (spectators – uniform not required)

Super Seminar is June 17th at 530p-800p, uniform is required.(MANDATORY)

Black Belt promotion and group picture will be at 800p.


On July 30th, we will be hosting our 1st HOI Tournament, here in Peoria! We have pre-registration, so forms need to be back to me by July 7th. You will still be able to register after the 7th or at the door, however there will be a late registration fee. Let’s make our 1st tournament a huge success, with your participation. I will also be asking for volunteers to help with the tournament, concessions and whatever. If you know now that you will be available to volunteer, please send me your name, so we can start organizing our needs now.


Thank you for your support,

Master Ben Mitchell

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