Black Belt Promotion Procedure

All Black Belt testing will be authorized by Kuk Sa Nim or his official representative. Currently, all first and last testing before promotion is under the supervision of Kuk Sa Nim. However, Kuk Sa Nim reserves the right to delegate direct supervision to a representative. 

National, Regional, and local testing will be held every three months at which all Black Belt Candidates must be prepared to test. Candidates’ qualifications and test fees must be submitted to WKSA HQ prior to his/her first test; otherwise, the test will not count towards his/her promotion requirement.  

Each candidate must have the recommendation of his/her School Owner or Head Instructor. All testing fees are one-time only fees, and the fees are subject to change at any time.

Each candidate MUST participate in at least two (2) Seminars or Tournaments before promotion to his/her next rank in accordance with the Association Rules.

To register for Black Belt Promotion, the School Owner must complete the Black Belt Promotion Form and attach the Candidate’s WKSA ID card, fully complete with the history of completed tests as required by the WKSA rules. In addition, the School Owner may send photographs of the Black Belt Candidate in full uniform. The photos on the Black Belt Certificate and the ID card are optional. The sizes are one (1) passport size, and the other is Driver’s License size. The photos must be attached with the Promotion Request Form at least one (1) month prior to the date of the promotion; otherwise, the photo will not be placed on these items.

The Black Belt Promotion Ceremony

Currently, official promotion ceremonies are conducted by Kuk Sa Nim or his representatives. The official promotion ceremony currently is as follows:

Formal bows to Kuk Sa Nim or his representative;

Official statement that indicates the certificate is from WKSA and authorized by Kuk Sa Nim, and, if applicable, that the person giving the certificate is a representative for Kuk Sa Nim;

Reading of the certificate;

The presentation of the Black Belt and gold pin;

Presentation of the Black Belt Certificate by Kuk Sa Nim or his representative.

For all Black Belt rank promotion, there are certain average lengths of time to achieve various ranks. These lengths of time may vary according to each Member’s training schedule and ability. However, a Member must not be recommended for Black Belt promotion without a reasonable amount of training time and experience. The reasons for the time requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental and physical maturity;
  • Continued efforts to maintain skills through training patience and perseverance;
  • Building martial art character;
  • Respect earned rank rather than time served;
  • Following the WKSA Rules;

Kuk Sa Nim reserves the right and authority to advance or delay any and all candidate’s promotion time.