Requirements and Required Equipment

All equipment purchases are made through your instructor and support your school.


Students must have patches on their uniform for testing, tournaments, demos, etc.


White belts and yellow stripes can use our school sparring gear, however the student must have their own mouthpiece and males must also have their own groin cup and supporter (these two items can be purchased locally at WalMart, Target, sporting good stores, etc.)

When a student reaches Yellow Belt, they are required to purchase their own sparring gear.


Generally, weapons training begins at Red belt. At this point of training, the student is required to purchase their own Staff (Bohng).


Before being promoted to Black Belt, the student must participate in a minimum of two WKSA tournaments (the closest WKSA tournament is in St. Louis, usually the last Saturday in April). We have local intramural tournaments, however, these are not WKSA events. 

Students must also participate in a minimum of two Super Seminars, which are generally the second Thursday and Friday in June.

As your instructor, I make these events mandatory.  These events are our GAME DAY. We practice a lot and attend classes, and these events help to encourage the student to have something to train for and helps them train harder.

I expect all students to participate in these events from White Belt and up.

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