Being a traditional martial art, instruction in Kuk Sool is given in Korean as well as the native tongue of the Student. Below is some terminology used in Kuk Sool. Because Korean (Han Gul, the great language) uses a different alphabet than English, the spellings below are only phonetic approximations. Please consult with a native Korean speaker for proper pronunciation.

Basic Terms

Ye UiEtiquette Ui BokClothing
Gyeong RyeSalute, Bow Su RyeonPractice
Cha RyeoAttentionGeumanStop
Jeong Jwa Proper Sitting (Kneeling)Swi-eoRest
Junbi;ReadyKiInternal Life Force
Si JakBeginGi Cho Jja giBreathing Exercises that Wring Out Ki”
KkeutFinish (Completion)GihapSpecial Yell utilizing “Ki Energy
 Baro Straight Alignment (Used for Signaling a Return to Upright Posture After Bowing) SumswigiBreathing
 Do Jang Practice HallMompulgiBody Conditioning Exercises
 Do BokUniformGuk GiNational Flag
 TtiBeltWon GiKuk Sool Association Flag

Names and Titles

Kuk Sa NimGrandmaster (10th degree Black Belt) {literally: National Teacher}
Chong Kwan Jang NimChiefmaster (9th degree Black Belt) Je JaMartial Arts Apprentice, Disciple
Kwan Jang NimMaster (5th, 6th,
7th, 8th degree Black Belt)
 Dan Bo NimBlack Belt Candidate (Black-Brown Belt)
Sa Beom NimInstructor (4th degree Black Belt) Ja TtiBrown Belt
Bu Sa Beom NimDeputy Instructor (3rd degree Black Belt) Hong Tti Red Belt
Gyo Sa NimAssistant Instructor (2nd degree Black Belt) Cheong TtiBlue Belt
Jo Gyo NimInstructor-in-Training (1st degree Black Belt) No-Ran TtiYellow Belt
Yu Dan JaBlack Belt Holder Huin Tti;White Belt


Il First Ha-NaOne Seu MulTwenty
 EeSecond  Dul Two  Seo Reun Thirty
 Sam Third  Set Three  Ma Heun Forty
 SaFourth  Net Four  Swin Fifty
 O Fifth  Da Seot Five  Ye Soon Sixty
 Yuk Sixth  Yeo Seot Six  Il Heun Seventy
 Chil Seventh  Il Gop Seven  Yue Deun Eighty
 Pal Eighth  Yeo Deol Eight  A-Heun Ninety
 Gu Ninth  A-Hop Nine  Baek One Hundred
 Sip Tenth  Yeol Ten  

Parts of the Body

SonHand Pal Kkum ChiElbow
BalFoot Eo KkaeShoulder
Da-RiLeg An Son MokInside of Wrist
Mu-ReupKnee Bal DeungRidge on Top of Foot
Son MokWrist (Hand’s Neck) MaekVital Point
Bal Kkum ChiHeel HyeolAcupuncture/Acupressure Point

Directions and Movements

ApFront Ban-Dae-RoThe Other Way, Other Side
YeopSide YeokReverse, Inverted
DwiBack, Rear Dol AhSpinning, Turning
Ahn Inside Dwi Ro Dol AhTurn Around, About Face
Ttwi-EoJumping SangHigh
Hoe JeonRolling, Rotating JungMiddle
YangBoth HaLow
SsangDouble, Twin  

Historical Martial Arts

Sa Do Mu SoolTribal or Family Martial Art
Bul Gyo Mu SoolMartial Art practiced in the Buddhist Temples
Gung Jung Mu SoolMartial Art of the Royal Court

Martial Art Animals

Ho-Rang-ITiger Sa Ma GwiPraying Mantis
Dok-Su-RiEagle YongDragon
BaemSnake HakCrane

Ja Se (Stances)

Gong Kyeok Ja SeOffensive Position Gi Ma Ja SeHorse-Riding Stance
Bang Eo Ja SeDefensive Position Jeon Gul Ja SeLong Stance with Bent Front-Leg
Gul Gok Ja SeCrouching Stance (a.k.a. Back Stance or Cat Stance)

Soo Gi (Hand Techniques)

Jeong GwonStraight Fist (Punch) Soo DoKnife Hand
Yeok GwonInverted Fist (Uppercut) Yeok Soo DoInverted Knife Hand
Gak Gwon Back Fist Ssang Soo DoDouble Knife Hand
Il Ji Gwon1-Finger (i.e. Knuckle) Fist Hoe Jeon Soo DoRolling Knife Hand
Sa Ji Gwon4-Knuckle Fist Pyeong Soo Palm Strike
Jung Ji GwonMiddle-Knuckle Fist Ssang Pyeong SooDouble Palm Strike
Sa Ma Gwi GwonPraying Mantis Fist Son Deung Pyeong SooBackhand Strike
Sa Ma Gwi Mak-GiPraying Mantis Block Gwan Soo Spear Hand
Sip Ja Mak-GiFour-Direction Block Pal Kkum Chi Chi-GiElbow Strike
Gam-A Mak-GiEntangling Block Ho GwonTiger Claw Strike
Ap Dwi Soo GiFront & Rear Punching Drill Ho Gu GwonTiger’s Mouth Grip
Jwa Woo Jeong Gwon Dwi Soo Do1-2 Punch, Spinning Knife Hand (Combination)

Jok Sool (Leg Techniques or Kicking)

Ap Cha Gi Front Kick Ap Cha Ol Ri GiProjection Kick (using Straight Leg)
Yeop Cha GiSide Kick Hoo Ri GiFoot Sweep
Dwi Cha GiBack Kick Jjik Eo Cha GiAxe Kick
An Da Ri Cha GiInner Leg Kick Bal Deung Cha GiRound Kick (Striking with Top of Foot)
Ba Kkat Da Ri Cha GiOuter Leg Kick Bal Kkum Chi Cha GiHook Kick (Striking with Point of Heel)
Dol-A Cha GiSpin Kick Dwi Dol-A Yeop Cha GiBackward Turning Side Kick
Sang Dan Dol-A Cha GiHigh Spin Kick Yeok Bal Deung Cha Gi Inverted Round Kick
Ha Dan Dol-A Cha GiLow Spin Kick An Kkum Chi Dol Ri GiInside HeelKick (Toes Turned Outward)
Mu Reup Cha GiKnee Kick Ttwi Eo Cha GiJumping Kicks

Nak Beop (Falling Principles)

Ap Nak BeopFront Fall Hoe Jeon Nak BeopRolling Fall
Dwi Nak Beop Back Fall Go Yang I Nak BeopCat Roll
Yeop Nak BeopSide Fall Du Son Pung Cha2-Hand Cartwheel
Ah Yeop Nak BeopTwisting Fall (Sideways Front Fall) Han Son Pung Cha1-Hand Cartwheel
Pung ChaWindmill (Cartwheel) Pal Kkum Chi Pung ChaElbow Cartwheel
Gong Jung Nak BeopHigh Fall (in Mid-Air) Gong Jung Pung ChaAerial Cartwheel

Moo Gi (Weapons)

GumSword ChangSpear
Dan GumShort Sword Do KkiBattle Axe
Kal GumKnife Gung SoolArchery
Dan DoKnife or Short Sword Jul BongFlail (Jointed Staff)
Wol DoHalberd (Moon Knife) Sam Jul BongThree Sectioned Staff
Gung Si Bow & Arrow Dan BongShort Staff
Bu ChaeFan Jung BongMiddle Staff
Ji Pang IWalking Cane Jang Bong Long Staff
Po BakRope Kuk (Sool) GungTraditional Korean Archery (utilizing a thumb draw)

Greetings and Phrases

An Nyoung Ha Sim Ni KkaHello / Hi / How Are You
An Nyoung Hee Ga Sip Si YoGoodbye / Go Safely
Su Go Haet Seum Ni DaYou Worked Hard
Gam Sa Ham Ni Da Thank You
Cheon Man Eh YoYou’re Welcome
Su Ryeon KkeutPractice Finished
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