Uniform Etiquette (Doh Bohk Bub)

Great respect should be given to your uniform. It should be neat and clean for each class. This is a measure of your respect toward your uniform, your Do-Jahng (school), your instructor and yourself. 

Your belt (Di) should never be placed on the ground or floor. When putting on your uniform, hang the belt around your neck. You should show great respect and care toward your belt, as it is a representation of your hard work and accomplishments.

Please do not wash your belt!

When wearing garments under your uniform (t-shirt, leotards, sports bra, etc.) the garment must be black. The same applies to do-rags, headbands and wrist bands. Shirts must be tucked into pants.

When testing, the student must be in full uniform, with all patches sewn on and belt tied properly. 

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